Your Mercedes-Benz battery is the power source of one of the most advanced electronic systems in any vehicle on the road. It handles all the sophisticated electronics in your Mercedes-Benz, in addition to energizing the starter and ignition system - thus making it an essential part of regular vehicle maintenance.

The proper testing and care necessary to prolong your battery's life is simple (see Auto Intelligence on next page) and will help ensure that it won't let you down, regardless of any extreme conditions your Mercedes-Benz encounters.
  • A routine five-minute check of your battery and electrical system, performed by expert Mercedes-Benz dealer technicians just twice a year, can help avoid any battery/electrical system problems.
  • Mercedes-Benz recommends considering replacement of your battery if it is three or more years old, since any chance of battery failure increases with age.
  • Battery cables should also be periodically checked for any loose connections or corrosion buildup.
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Did You Know?

Mercedes-Benz Silver Calcium Batteries utilize the latest advancements in lead-acid battery technology, improving battery service life by 20% with stronger resistance to high heat damage (the cause of most failures).
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